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Pixar is an American computer animation company that is famous for its feature films, some of which include the Incredibles, Finding Dory, Soul, and Inside Out. Pixar revolutionized the animation industry through innovative technology and incredible storytelling. The company was responsible for core developments in computer graphics history, blending technology and arts to make many of their films possible, leading to their massive success. For example, Incredibles 2 was released in 2018, yet holds the position of the top-grossing animated movie at the North American box office from the past 40 years.

Source: Statista

Pixar animators follow a standard pipeline process to…

In-Class Exercise: Data Visualization

  • Pipe Straws = Day of the week (top — Monday, bottom — Friday, Saturday, Sunday combined)
  • Bead Colors = Mood (red — mad, pink — anxious, yellow — happy, blue — relaxed)
  • Peaks in Pipes = Productivity levels (the higher the peak, the higher the productivity levels)

Dear Data

For the week of 4/10–4/16, I recorded my activity level and weather every day using inspiration from the Dear Data Project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec.

Class Exercise: Making Toast Storyboard

In our in-class exercise, we created a quick storyboard on the process of making toast. I drew the steps of going to the grocery store to buy bread, taking bread out of the package, plugging the toaster in, using the toaster to toast the bread, and plating the toast with butter.

When comparing with my classmates, we noticed the differences in the scope and granularities of each of our storyboards. When we broke out into small groups, our group clustered similar images together, and ordered them in chronological order. …

Exercises 1–4

For these exercises, I familiarized myself with Adobe Indesign’s interface and worked on linespacing, stroke weights, and horizontal shifts.

For linespacing, I felt that my most effective version was the one pictured below.

Linespacing Exercise

I felt that by inserting a space between each block of information about the performer, it made it easier to recognize how many performers there were and find information about what/when they were performing. I think that this could be enhanced by italicizing the font of the performer names and playing around with varying font sizes and indents.

Week 1 (02/02–02/04)

For this first week, our group met together on Zoom for the first time to introduce ourselves, as well as go over our initial research and research method plans for the upcoming weeks. My group’s target population are seniors utilizing curbside and at-your-door grocery shopping experiences, which have definitely heightened during the Covid-19 pandemic. We discussed research methods to work on starting this weekend, which included:

  • Making a grocery delivery service account — going through the process of learning and ordering groceries
  • Case study interviews of delivery and curbside service users
  • Observations (both curbside and in-store) — observe behaviors, barriers…


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